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Our network of experts lawyers, 
accountants, tax specialists and 
financial advisors to help you make
informed decisions.


Advisory Services

  • We know that sometimes you have questions that need the expertise of a professional, and that’s where we go the extra mile for you. We work with a network of experienced advisors who are experts in their fields and can answer any legal, accounting, financial, or taxation concerns you may have related to the buying, selling, or renting a home for personal or investment purposes.

    Trusted Advisors with Years of Experience

    Our extensive network includes lawyers, accountants, tax professionals and financial advisors, all available to support our clients in their real estate transations. We try to provide our clients a “one-stop” experience – rather than having to search through listing after listing to find a trusted professional to help you with your business needs, the professional relationships we have created at BRG is available when you need it. We have done the research and vetting for you, and we will refer you to one of our external advisors at your request.

    When You Are with Brilliance, You Are Family

    We take the needs of our clientele as seriously as those of our own family. We will only refer you to professionals of the highest quality and proven experience to give you the best possible advice. It’s our mission to put you at ease, and our advisors will do everything in their power to earn your trust.